Kiss the Heart 💗 and Roy the Robot 📺 are characters with their own art collection and original music and merchandise by Los Angeles based artist @maxarchos.


A generative profile picture NFT collection was created with both characters Kiss and Roy and has a wide range of original hand-drawn traits by Max.

What makes Kiss and Roy special?

The KaR project is unique as it features both characters in the same collection, split evenly 5K-5K.
This means two separate sets of hand-drawn art / assets with their own metadata and entirely separate generations.
The collection also features all 10 super-rare 1 of 1's being publicly available throughout our minting process. 👀

Our music is already on your favorite streaming platforms under "Kiss and Roy" with new unreleased music being given to our NFT holders and community.
All art you see is meticulously hand-drawn by Max and randomly computer generated with 3D animations & trailers for projects/events currently in the works...


Blockchain Info

Mint your KaR for just 0.022 ETH only from!

Kiss and Roy NFT Collection Roadmap

Our community is growing everyday! Join the Discord for NFT giveaways and follow @maxarchos and @kissandroy on social media for updates!








Mods +

TyleR, Javi, Noxi & everyone who has supported KAR!

Thanks for visiting our website, more updates coming soon 👍

HAPPY 2022!


We currently have a small team with some amazing talent and are looking to bring on:

-Discord Mods
-Web3 Developers
-Social Media Manager
-Operations Manager

Reply to the form below and we will get back to you asap, thank you.


"NFT" stands for Non-Fungible Token.

"Fungible" refers to items that may be interchanged with eachother for the same value. Think of a $20 dollar bill, there are many of them and their value is able to be swapped between them.

Here is a good infographic from WallStreetMojo:

What this means for the future of art is that any digital art or NFTs you own are uniquely yours.

Art that is NFTs such as the Kiss and Roy collection is unique, publicly identifiable and cannot be duplicated, with it's owner and all past owners being verified on the blockchain.

These non-fungible assets cannot be exchanged for some other thing meaning they retain an inherit value such as a physical painting would.

If you are interested in learning more about blockchain technology there are a myriad of amazing free resources out there for you! 😄


KAR is a 10,000 piece NFT collection as ERC-721 tokens with their metadata being hosted on the IPFS via Pinata.

All art in the collection is 100% hand drawn by Max and original to his characters Kiss the Heart and Roy the Robot-- and randomly computer generated to bring you the collection you see.

We drastically minified our smart contract and decided to not go with a whitelisting system to an open mint, which also allowed us to provide lower gas fees.

More nuances of the project will be released as the project gains more traction.

View our smart contract here.
Address: 0x17Be3235E7f71955441547821B14b23d722409a5

We are working on updating our Web3 integrated site "" into our main web address "", but we have kept the minting process seperate for now for both ease of access and web security.
Please only mint from

We are genuine users of this amazing blockchain technology and are simply trying to incorporate our existing art world into it. Thank you for your support and we look forward to big things in 2022 and beyond with you!

What's the utility of KaR?

The Kiss and Roy NFT collection functions as lifetime backstage passes to any Kiss and Roy event, along with exclusive drops and discounts on a variety of clothing and merchandise, along with some cool profile pictures. 😄
Our early supporters gain access to unreleased Kiss and Roy music before it hits streaming platforms, along with exclusive access to any of our live events and exclusive merch releases (we are also working on an entirely free merch drop for our minters... stay tuned).

Kiss and Roy will also be heavily involved in "The Metaverse", with VR compatible land being publicly available to our holders 24/7 with custom event lands & skins for our community being a big focus for us.

Similar to the most popular NFT collections such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) or Cool Cats, other community meetups such as hangouts and networking (or Yacht parties) will be held for both our entire community and exclusively for our holders.

Thank you for being a part of our community in this exciting time for the cryptocurrency, the metaverse and NFTs.